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Future Date – Based on waitlist demand (last held October 20 & 28, 2020)

Scripting is a method of gathering information and data during interviews in order to make the best hiring decisions possible. It is used by interviewers to improve hiring practices and provide meaningful feedback when debriefing those who were interviewed. An accurate and efficient scripting technique, which takes into account elements like key words, phrases, clauses, sentences, body language and facial expressions, can make the difference between the right and wrong hire. Scripting is also used by principals and vice-principals, while supervising classroom teachers, as a means of collecting in-class data for appraisals.

This interactive webinar will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise scripting techniques
  • Take part in an interview simulation where participants will test their scripting skills and then learn how to analyze their scripts for content and delivery
  • Collaborate in small groups to practise debriefing the candidate

Participants will receive an eBook that contains the basics of scripting as well as templates for scripting analyzing and debriefing. ¬†Following the webinar, participants will also receive a certificate to add to their professional development portfolios highlighting their ‘scripting’ abilities.

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  1. Tara Cartland

    My biggest takeaway was how the art of scripting, when practiced and done properly, can make the interview, evaluation and debrief process more accurate, detailed and helpful, not only for the assessor but also the candidates involved.

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