Vice-Principals’ Coaching Program




Note:  This service will recommence in September 2022.  Please do not place an order at this time.  Thank You.

Delivery Method:  Individualized Coaching

Description:  Scheduled at mutually acceptable dates

This highly individualized coaching program is designed to help individuals prepare for the principal selection process in an applicant’s district.  It is based on the process and conventions that are currently used in your system for that purpose and, of course, on elements of Ontario’s Leadership Profile.  Where we differ from others providing this service is we build our training and coaching around your upcoming experience as we gather as much information as we can with you about the details of the process. 

Our sole intention is to give you a simulated experience that is as close as possible to what you are likely to experience when you participate in the actual competition — and detailed feedback on your performance before you take part in the competition.  From cover letters, to CVs, to interview preparation and practice, to case studies, we put together an unparalleled professional training and development experience that will give you the competitive edge. 

What’s In It for You?

The most important factor will be increasing your confidence level.  With a review of your CV and cover letter and feedback from a panel of trained assessors (HR officer, a principal and a superintendent), you will gain a new understanding of the obvious strengths you need to highlight and areas you need to work on. 

In addition, because this whole process takes place outside your district and is very confidential, you will have the benefit of frank and objective feedback and productive discussion in a non-threatening atmosphere.  In addition you will receive a video of your mock interview to see yourself as others see you.  We’ve all been through many of the processes; we understand how important it is to do well and be seen to do well; and we want to help you succeed.  This process is about success — yours!

Cost:  Discounted for the initial launch and consists of:

  1. Initial interview with a review of your CV & cover letter and feedback
  2. Development of a mock selection process that mirrors your district
  3. Access to a video recording link for self analysis
  4. An oral and written final report

Tax Receipt:  As a registered company, Bendel Services will provide you with a receipt for your payment which may be used for income tax purposes.


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