Bendel Services have provided invaluable consultant services to Ashbury College on four critical projects over a seven year period: the establishment of a teacher performance appraisal system, a review of our complete senior school curriculum and curriculum delivery system, a review of the Ashbury College Diploma requirements and a comprehensive review of our organizational structure, decision-making and communication processes.  Dan Mason of Bendel Services has superb interpersonal, communication, research and analytical skills. Dan listens, values all perspectives, and has earned the respect of staff, students, parents and the Board of Directors. Virtually all the recommendations in his various reports were fully implemented and were accompanied by measurement tools for future improvement and refinement. Ashbury College is a more successful and innovative organization thanks to the work of Dan Mason and Bendel Services. I recommend Bendel highly.

- Tam Matthews
Headmaster (Formerly) Ashbury College

Dan Mason supported the Rainbow District School Board in visioning a comprehensive approach to administrative succession planning. His guidance allowed our team to create a transparent eligibility process that provided for the selection of future leaders that best reflected the leadership qualities required in education administration in the 21st century.  This process created a platform for all leadership candidates to uncover the breadth and the depth of their leadership experiences in schools and in classrooms. It also gave current administrators a challenge to support and nurture future leaders in the creation of leadership opportunities to expand upon relevant leadership components. Dan’s passion for detail, his ongoing personal support, and his clear direction were invaluable in establishing this process.

- Judy Noble
Superintendent, Rainbow District School Board

Through his work with an expert group of principals and supervisory officers in our district Dan Mason of Bendel Services demonstrated the true spirit of collaborative leadership.  Through a carefully planned process, Dan assisted the Rainbow District School Board in the development and implementation of a principal/vice-principal selection strategy which reflected the complexities of student centred, school leadership.  He actively problem solved with us, enhanced our skills and caused us to laugh at ourselves during implementation challenges.  He truly demonstrated his ability to apply principles of adult learning!

- Jean Hanson
Director (Retired), Rainbow District School Board

The ebook is comprehensive.  I appreciate the links to the additional resources.  My biggest takeaway – aligning job descriptions to organizational/jurisdiction strategic plan/direction.

- Wesley
“Developing Aligned Job Descriptions, Interviews and Appraisal Systems”

The eBook is a good reference to all points covered in the webinar.  I have a better understanding of how to obtain and assess documentation to create job descriptions which was my main goal for attending this webinar. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

- Tamra
“Developing Aligned Job Descriptions, Interviews and Appraisal Systems”

My biggest takeaway was how the art of scripting, when practiced and done properly, can make the interview, evaluation and debrief process more accurate, detailed and helpful, not only for the assessor but also the candidates involved.

- Tara Cartland