Daniel Mason

Founder & President

Dan has been a high school teacher, department head, principal and superintendent in the Ontario school system for 29 years.  He has been an Adjunct Professor at McGill University and the University of Ottawa.  He holds a Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., B.A., and a B.Ed.  He recently earned a Certificate in Leadership Development, Selection and Appraisal.  

Dan has lectured in organizational development, taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the university and college level.   He also worked in Human Resources.  He has been a speaker and consultant in China, Japan, South Africa, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Nunavut, Texas, Iowa, South Carolina, Minnesota, Arizona and New York.   He founded Bendel Services to provide personalized consulting, coaching and webinars for all sectors including education, business, management, health care and non government organizations.  Bendel also provides expertise and experience in data-based program and service reviews.