The “Get Hired” webinar series for educational assistants is so important for those of us who are new to the industry. I can’t say enough good about it. I found it extremely helpful and it made all the difference in my last interview.

- Coral
“The Get Hired EA Series”

I really appreciate the individual attention and insight that is being shared. There is a genuine concern for attendees and to facilitate an amelioration of their situation limited only by what is available.

- Tim
“The Get Hired Teacher Series”

I just wanted to thank you again, Jen and Dan, for putting on this webinar series!  It was very informative and helpful.  I feel that it helped boost my confidence back up after some hard times with no getting positions in the fall/winter.  I am so glad I signed up for the series and felt it was extremely useful for the interview process.

- Laura
“The Get Hired Teacher Series”

The Get Hired Series is an excellent way to prepare yourself professionally for the interview process, especially if this is your first time going through it and unsure about the hiring process. Every board and experience can be different, and being able to speak with other going through the process and those who have experienced it already is a great way to get first hand experience and feel you have a support team to back you up! Through live feedback, question and answer, and the practical advice and tips Jen and Dan provide, the Get Hired Series will help you prepare to be your best self in the interview. I highly recommend this series.

- Kayla West
“The Get Hired Teacher Series”

I took the first two sessions of the “Get Hired Series” in March. The good news is that it worked! I had an excellent interview and got the job I wanted. Thank you so much for all your advice and words of wisdom.

- Megan Vrancart
“The Get Hired Teacher Series”

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing 3 part series since I attended the Get Hired Series for New and Experienced Teachers.  There were so many great examples and resources provided I knew to download them immediately!  I loved the interactive Q&A section at the end and highly recommend this series!

- Tiffany
“The Get Hired Teacher Series”