Jennifer Baldelli

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer has 37 years of experience within the Ontario school system and has worked at three school districts.  As an HR Officer, she oversaw Recruitment/Staffing in the secondary schools and subsequently led the department as an Operations Specialist.  She developed an on-the-ground understanding and appreciation of the principals’ needs in staffing, recruitment and appraisal processes.  Throughout her career, Jennifer participated in resolving grievances, testifying at arbitrations, and was a member of the board bargaining team for numerous collective agreements.  In her Operations role, she was instrumental in identifying, streamlining and automating processes including those that involved other departments such as Payroll and Finance.  Her 32 years of experience in the HR field has been wide-ranging and practical.

Jennifer is a certified Registered Professional Recruiter (Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada) and was sited in Canada’s HR Today Journal for her ongoing contributions in the field of HR.   She received an Innovation Award (for process improvements that resulted in immediate and significant ongoing benefit) and the Director’s Citation (for making “order out of chaos” during amalgamation in addition to her outstanding contributions to the District over an extended period time).