December 4, 2020

Welcome to the Bendel Blog!


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
(Hamlet, I, v, 167-168)

Hello bloggers. Welcome to the Bendel Blog. Our blog is a communication vehicle for Bendel Services, an Ottawa, Canada-based company that started out as a consulting services to the education sector but has now expanded its services to regulatory colleges, public health organizations and NGOs among others. We deal with staff development, selection and appraisal, effective management techniques, strategic and operational planning and governance issues. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at

What can you expect from our blog? Each week we plan to publish a short blog on a topic we feel might be of interest to our readers/followers:

  • The Governing Board Corner
  • The Managers’ Corner
  • The Quality Assurance Corner
  • The Employee/Applicants’ Corner
  • The Superintendents’ Corner
  • The Principal/Vice-Principals’ Corner
  • The Department Head/Co-ordinators’ Corner
  • The Teachers’ Corner

Each week (on Fridays) you’ll find a new entry that works through the cycle of the above audiences. That entry will include informal ruminations on current topics, discussions of articles that have come out of regularly published journals like the Harvard Business Review or magazines like The Economist or notes on a book, article or review that has been recently published that could be of interest. It’s wide open.

What do we hope to accomplish? Like all blogs, we want to establish a network for dialogue among as wide a group of people as possible. To be honest, we also want you to become interested in some of our services and offerings as well – but we’re not just interested in contracts. We want to learn from all of you as well and to share what you know or think or believe about management issues of the day.

Jerome Bruner reminds us that all knowledge is created socially – and this is another vehicle to do just that – to start conversations, to ask questions, to seek answers, to provide possible solutions and to build upon the vast expertise that exists among us all.

There’ll be some wisdom, a lot of whimsy and hopefully some opinions that will cause healthy and respectful debate. Join us every Friday!

Dr. Dan