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You will receive an online real time interview that is set up as close as possible to the situation you will likely face. You can decide if you want the questions in advance of your simulated interview or simply go with immediate responses without preparation time. The choice is yours.

Each interview is scheduled for 30 minutes and will include six questions. After your responses to each pair of the six, we shall give you instant feedback (e.g. where you excelled and where you need more work).  You can then attempt to incorporate these suggestions into the remainder of your interview.  This will be followed by a question-and-answer session in which we entertain any questions you have of us.  In all, we expect the session to take about an hour.

Once the session is over, you will receive a written data-based report (using scripting by the interviewers) of up to two pages on your performance and suggestions for how you can address these areas for improvement.  You will also receive a downloadable recording of the simulated interview session for reflection.  In addition, you will receive a copy of the 6 questions as well as the suggested indicators (look for responses).

Once you have made payment for this service, please email Jen and Dan ( to schedule a conveniently available date and time.  Note:  Generally, this service can be arranged with a week’s notice.


1 review for Simulated Online Interviews

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    Thank you so much for this detailed feedback! I can sense that my answers were more logical and clearer than in my past interviews. Your suggestions are super useful.

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